Taking up Art as a hobby. Making Character portraits

I recently started taking an intrest in painting. Seascapes mostly but I was curious to have a go at portrait painting. I really struggle painting faces but I wanted to try anyhow so ive decided to start by using my Character portrait as a Model to work from. Ive started with water colours and I plan to experiment with Oils as well. My hope is eventually ill be able to do a good rendition of my character portrait in oils !

My Character

My first effort (in water colour)

I will update my post when i finally make my oil painting and some future renditions of the watercolour.

Im really not happy with the eyes yet but as im so new i guess ill give myself a break.

Have any of you guys ever painted your Avatar ? Perhaps some of you with some actual skill could have a go and show the work here.

Anyhow thats all, flysafe.



Nice! Water colors are a special challenge I think, because once you put paint on the paper, you can’t take it off. Or opaquely paint over it with another color. Once the paint is on there, you have to deal with it forever. And then you’ve got the effects of various degrees of wetness of the paper to deal with. And the moisture content is changing (drying out) while you work. Of course, all of those are things are factors that can give a water color painting a special kind of quality and impact, compared to an oil painting.

It’s kind of like how an electric guitar compared to a synthesizer. The guitarist can’t do as many things as the keyboardist, because he requires two hands to play one note. The keyboardist can play separate notes with each hand and do all kinds of amazing good precision things. But the guitarist has his fingers directly on the strings, and can hit them and bend them all kinds of ways to create different tones and moods. One medium allows incredible compositions, the other liquidy ranges of feeling. In any event, by starting with watercolors, you may have actually started with the more challenging medium. (I’m no pro, but for noodling around with another one, acrylics might be good. Less expensive than oils, you can paint on anything (not just canvas), and they dry faster).

Both an excellent digital portrait and and excellent first effort watercolor rendition of it. Post more as you go along mate. OOPEget communicate check out different things and try different things. :+1:


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