[Service] I'll paint your character's portrait


I paint character portraits for ISK. You can view some of my previous work on my website:

Base price for a portrait is 950 mil ISK, with half paid up front.
If you want to know more or you’re interested in commissioning me, feel free to contact me:

  • Discord: ciliadesu#4685
  • Evemail: Caelin Tsukaya
  • In game chat channel: Caelins Artstation

Have a nice day!


Base price is 950m. What’s included ? And what costs more ?

For the base price you get a portrait like the ones that are on my website, a digital high res image.
Beyond that, if you have any special requests that makes the portrait take longer to complete, the price may go up depending on what it is :slight_smile:

Fun little thing to spend some isk on. Had some nice small touches like putting “KHAN” across my hat, and adjusting the smile for me (since I couldn’t get the smirk I wanted in game with the character builders), overall well worth the 950m isk.


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Here’s mine:

Thanks @Caelin_Tsukaya!

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Here’s mine:

Nice little thing to spend some isk on. Caelin edited a good bit until I thought it was perfect!

Thanks! @Caelin_Tsukaya

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Is it my understanding that these character portraits are not truly “painted” but rather character portraits ran through a Photoshop filter with a few little details for uniqueness?

hmm, cheers

  • Lei

Painted in Photoshop, yes - no filters. Every portrait is rendered by hand.

  • Cae

Bumping with a couple newer pieces~


Are you still taking commissions? Curious how much you could possibly tweak a photo from the profile picture

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