Target Acquisition Inc. - Join the Fight!

Alpha? Omega? Newbro? Vet? Doesn’t matter! Target Acquisition Inc. is a startup micro/small gang Amarr FW corporation that welcomes all players. The goal of TACQ. is to provide an organized, friendly, and non-toxic atmosphere for all of our players while returning the Minmatar terrorists to their cages! We are building a small cohesive community that does not tolerate drama or toxicity so if that is you please move along.

We provide:

  • No pressure atmosphere
  • Discord Server
  • Convenient High Sec Logistics
  • Low Sec Faction Warfare
  • Tax Free
  • USTZ
  • Free Frigates and Destroyers
  • A corporation you can grow with

We want:

  • Activity (RL First)
  • Willingness to UNDOCK and FIGHT!

Public Channel:

In game recruiters:

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