War Targets. Corp - Amarr FW, LS Piracy


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WAR TARGETS. is an Amarrmil FW Corp in Empyrean Edict

➽ Alliance and Blue fleets EVERY Day
➽ Find the Corp a Target, YOU Keep the Loot
➽ Recognize Aggression and Leadership
➽ Focus on Activity More Than Green Lines
➽ Campaign-Driven, With CLEAR Short-Term Objectives

Join In-Game Chat ‘Got Content?’
Or Our Got Content? Discord
Our Website in Development: www.EVEOnline.info
Submit an app through http://eve-hr.com/wartargets, then apply in game.

✓ Non-FW Alt Corp and Indy Corp
✓ Strategic HQ
Very Casual
✓ Alpha-Friendly
✓ Learner-Friendly
✓ Small Ship/Gang
✓ Infrastructure, Services

:heavy_multiplication_x: Meetings
:heavy_multiplication_x: Tax
:heavy_multiplication_x: Drama


The Campaign, and Our Own Development, Goes Well

A solid core of regular, enthusiastic actives has formed. Our embracing of a super casual style of corp is working for us.

Frigate PvP and guerrilla warfare are proving to be a LOT of fun. We do a single plex for ten or twelve minutes, and we’ve often paid for our ships a few times over. We can be as bold and reckless as we want.

Being set up to make the content accessible to even a clean alt from an indy bro, with no PvP experience, has been rewarding.

Fun, Lucrative PvP

Guys are really enjoying the frigate PvP. It is a LOT more fun than the big fleets where all they do is anchor up and press F1, Here they pick the tactics, manually pilot, and try lots of ships and fits without breaking the bank.

They can fly derpy, meta fit frigates costing a few million ISK and still be useful to the group, or solo plex the scouts and smalls. The alliance we are hooked in with doesnt judge, and puts our guys to good use from day ONE.

One plex and theyve paid for their ship multiple times over. My one guy has made hundreds of millions in a short period of time with ships costing less than 5M ISK!

The content is fun, accessible to learners, and pays REALLY well.

Small Ships, Big Fleet

The push was on for one of the systems on our area today. Place turned into a bit of a meat grinder, but it was a lot of fun! We were in small stuff, but the too sides in the fight grouped into decent fleets packed into single plexes. It was strike, refit and strike back, rinse, repeat.

On the home front, another pilot made ‘ACE’ today, our title for someone who is active enough to make five kills in a week. A couple days ago another fellow got the title for their first solo kill. We feature these prominently in our Discord, as well, so EVERYone sees their accomplishments. Feels good to recognize their progress.

Helped with scouting an indy ally through jspace and uncovered a trap being laid for us. Found another quiter route to Jita from our area after that. Although we’ve moved to empire space, we’ll never stop being Children of Bob. Empire is easy mode compared to His Holy Playground.

Quiet over the holidays, numbers-wise, but the action at the front has been GREAT. Systems flipping, large fleets forming.

A solid core of guys in our corp have been engaging with the blues and militia a lot. It is great to see people having fun.

Going to start streaming some solo, ninja-style FW to get the content some more exposure, and attract some people to this group.

After a brief break to fight some unaligned hostiles, we are back and recruiting again.

We are tightening up security and looking for ACTIVE pilots. (We will refer out those who dont PvP regularly or achieve any of our milestones in their career).

If you want to fly aggressive, while earning some great rewards, look us up.

Some of us trained into heavies to participate in the BF fleets. GREAT fun, and the Proph Navy is SUCH a sexy beast.

Started doing some heavy fleets. LOVE the Proph Navy. Not mandatory for our Guerilla warfare corp, but fun to have as an option for some of us.

The 30-man Battlefield sites are really cool, LOTS of people contest them sometimes. Lots of fun and TONS of LP.


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