[TBDMT] The Blue Dragon Mining and Trade Corporation Recruiting

[TBDMT] The Blue Dragon Mining and Trade Corporation is accepting members to join our ranks. New and Experienced are welcome. Our primary focus is Mining, Manufacture and Trade. Combat and Support Roles are welcome also, as every mining operation can always use protection.

We are currently based in High Sec Gallente space. We have just opened an office in Null Sec for a base of future operations. We are part of an Alliance, in which our mining and manufacturing will support.

We respect that everyone has RL responsibilities, obligations and family - those come first! If you are looking for a casual place to hang out, meet new friends, and make a difference when you can then TBDMT might be just the place for you.

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We have moved our HQ. Still in High Sec, but off the beaten path somewhat. Still looking for members that desire a low stress friendly corporation. New / inexperienced welcome, come learn and grow with us.

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