Two Brothers Mining Corporation Recruitment Drive

Two Brothers Mining Corp (TBMC)

Is now ACTIVELY recruiting!

Come and join one of the oldest Mining Corporations in EVE. If it was there to do, TBMC has done it. We have been in null-sec, we have deployed an Outpost, we have been part of alliances and we ran our own at one point. We tried to take over a W-Space system. EVE changes all the time. We adapt and live on.

Two Brothers Mining Corporation was started by two IRL brothers, Cayote XIII and Talons. It was built from literally nothing to what it is today! It is time to start another chapter in the corporation’s log.

TBMC, as the name states, is a mining corporation. As such, we own and operate mining facilities in both high and low-security space. We research, we develop, we build, we mission run, we PVP, we explore, we do it all. As part of TBMC you too will be free to do whatever you want to.

What we offer the new(er) player: Advice. Help. Suggestions. Casual attitude. Family friendly.

What we offer the veteran player: Freedom! Freedom from Call To Arms (CTAs), freedom from demands of other people (Do they pay for your subscription(s)?). Freedom to do what YOU want when YOU want to it. And free BPCs (limited to availability) to build things you want or need, from frigates to capital ships! As well as a casual, family friendly attitude.

TBMC has always been about it’s membership. The way it works is all of the taxes collected are used for fuel and to purchase additional BPOs (mostly) or other things we need for the membership to enjoy. It is a very basic concept.

We are probably the most ‘casual’ corporation you will ever find that actually has infrastructure and good veteran members who can and are willing to help the newer player.

What does TBMC wants from you?:
Just spend some time mining with us at our facilities.

Corporate Tax Rate: 5%
Mining Facility Tax Rate: 10%

Corporate Rules:
#1: HAVE FUN! We, in TBMC want you to have fun in EVE!
#2: Be respectful! Remember, everyone in the game is playing the game. I have formed many a friendship after being killed by another player or killing them by just taking it as part of the game, which is all it is.

If you are interested, please contact Talons in game via EVEmail or chat. Questions, comments or concerns you can post here and I will do my best to answer them.

Chief Executive Officer

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