(TCO) The Crimson Order is Recruiting in Null! [PvP, PvE, Industry] (Alpha/Newbro Friendly)

TL;DR We live in Insmother and are a part of the Blue Suns Interstellar Technologies alliance . We are a tight knit group that is Alpha/new pilot friendly, PvP focused, organized, yet laid back enough to still have fun. We also have a strong industry division with impressive manufacturing, a corporation buyback program, as well as other projects in the works. Read down for more information, or contact us using the methods below today!

Who Are We?

The Crimson Order (TCO) is a collection of adult gaming enthusiasts that has endured for over 15 years through multiple games. We are heavily influenced by our many active and prior service military members, and as such have created a structured and cohesive corporation that allows maximum opportunity for members to advance through their own merits. “Drama” is put down with extreme prejudice, as all of us are adults who do this in spite of our jobs, not as our jobs, as is the case in some other corporations.

What Do We Do?

The Crimson Order is, first and foremost, a PvP corporation. If we are not occupied with alliance/coalition objectives, you can find us assisting with home defense, gate camping, or hosting roams. In addition to predesignated ship doctrines, we like to mix things up with our fleet compositions. Here is a recent instance of our FC’s using sniper fit Corax’s and drone boat Algos’s to lethal effect, for example.

When we’re not looking for someone’s day to ruin, you can find us enjoying the many aspects of our ample and quality SOV space. Mining, ratting, PI, exploration, and all other ISK generating activities are at our fingertips and in abundance.

So Why Join The Crimson Order?

There is no shortage of massive corporations and alliances recruiting in nullsec, so why should you pick The Crimson Order? For one, we offer the chance to become an integral part of a tight team, not just another faceless number as is far too common in the larger corporations. Second, new players will have decades of experience to learn from while experienced players will be able to integrate seamlessly into our space and operations. Third, and possibly most important, TCO offers a relaxed yet professional atmosphere where members are only limited by their own initiative and ambition. Low skill points or being new at the game does not mean you can’t theory craft a cancerous frigate fleet to take on a roam, for example, or put together a wormhole diving team, or anything else this game has to offer!

What Do We Expect From You?

First and foremost, understand that nothing is given in The Crimson Order, only earned. Full member status and promotions are given based on merit, not skill points. Requirements are as follows:

*** Be 18 years of age or older**
*** Follow all corporation policies at all times**
*** Be actively working towards flying doctrine PvP ships**
*** Learn from those more experienced than you, help those further behind, become part of a cohesive unit who understands that we are stronger together.**

For further information, please see our in game corporation advertisement, join our in game recruiting channel [The Crimson Order Recruitment Channel], or feel free to message Griff Sotken or Ewel Long. You can also message /u/SgtGrif on Reddit, or just leave a comment on this post.

Don’t be just another number in endless grinding SOV wars, join The Crimson Order and become part of a cohesive team today!

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Well worth the time. We have been together for a long time and love having new people to talk to.

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