The Crimson Order is recruiting! PVP/Industry

The Crimson Order (TCO) is a collection of adult game enthusiasts that has endured for over 14 years, through multiple games. We are influenced heavily by our many active and prior service members, and as such, have created a very structured and cohesive guild that allows for maximum opportunity for members to advance through their own merits. “Guild Drama” is put down with extreme prejudice, as all of us are adults who do this in spite of our jobs, not as our jobs, as is the case in some other guilds. These reasons, along with a strict spiritual adherence to our core principles, have given TCO lasting power that transcends pixels on the screen, and truly has become a collection of friends.

The Crimson Order is historically known for our focus on military operations (PvP, AvA activities). TCO will be very active in capturing and holding territory in any game we participate in. Due of the extent of operations in any PvP game, we are looking for strategic partners in other guilds.

The Crimson Order will also be aggressively pursuing PvE content, and will be actively engaging edge content where available in all of our game chapters.

Why Join The Crimson Order?

Military friendly - many of our leaders and members are active or prior military.
Proven history and staying power - The Crimson Order is not a fly by night guild and has continuously existed for more than ten years in various games while other guilds folded and closed up shop.
Highly structured - we have a structured top-down military organization. When you join, you won’t just be in an amorphous blob of members who are left to their own devices.
Awesome environment - when you join The Crimson Order, you are joining a community of fellow gamers. Our members say they keep coming back to TCO for our community.
18+ community - we only accept adult members.
Anti-drama - we don’t tolerate drama or power plays.

Our Core Values

Our values define who we are, what we strive for, and where we go in the future. All members of TCO are expected to live, breathe, and act in accordance to these values.

Duty. Honor. Respect. Dignity. Courage. Innovation. Adaptability. Maturity. Distinction.

Our Vision

TCO’s vision today builds upon on our past strengths with a focus on providing the best possible experience for our members in the present and into the future.

Our vision is to provide member focused leadership, strong organization, open two-way communication, service to our online community, and a fun and supportive environment. The Crimson Order will strive for excellence in all that it does.

Our History

If we don’t know where we came from, how do we know where we are going?

The concept of The Crimson Order began in 2003 when several individuals came together with a common vision and direction for a new organization in Star Wars Galaxies. The ideals of member focused leadership, a clear cut and strong military style structure, open flow of communication, and our core values.

These leaders formed The Crimson Order, which also became known as the 1st Battalion of the 209th Stormtrooper Regiment. The Crimson Order quickly grew to prominence on its server, leading several major military campaigns and bringing together one of the largest alliances seen in the game. The SWG branch of TCO closed up shop in 2011 along with the final server shutdowns.

In 2010, the Crimson Order opened a branch in Star Wars: The Old Republic (TOR). TCO again focused on community building and partnering with other guilds in game. The TOR branch of TCO also became known for its activities in open world PvP.

Other branches of TCO have seen service in the Matrix Online (beta testing), World of Warcraft, EvE Online, Tabula Rasa (beta testing), Age of Conan, and Star Trek Online. More recently, we have been active in The Elder Scrolls Online, ArcheAge, World of Warcraft and soon Star Citizen.

Our Organization

Our focus is to have a fully functioning, independent force in any multiplayer game where we participate. We will cover all aspects of combat, command, training, information, crafting, supply, and dominance of the entire globe.

TCO is organized based on a slightly modified military structure but in line with the lore of each game where we participate. We have a clear chain of command led by the Guildmaster of The Crimson Order. We use the tried and true structure of Company/Platoon/Squad to make up the backbone of our organization. We also have other specialist detachments that will focus on various tasks. The entire structure is constantly reviewed to maximize efficiency.

Promotions in TCO are earned through hard work, talent, and determination. Corruption and nepotism have no place in TCO.

EVE Specific details:

We are currently in null sec fighting and making money. We are actively seeking PVP pilots, industrialists and anyone who needs a home.

You must have 2 Million skill points.
You must submit a full account API upon submitting your application for all your toons.
You must also be at least 18 years of age or older. We do not make exceptions.
You must agree to abide by The Crimson Orders Rules and Regulations without exception.
You must be willing to download and use Discord to participate in The Crimson Order’s military operations (PvP, raids, events), to participate in game related seminars and live discussions, and for guild social events.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact any one of our leaders or designated recruiting staff.

For further information, please see our Corps advertisement and feel free to message Ewel Long, Korran Acoron
The Crimson Order website

I’m bumping this thread.

My name is Elli Izzagi (Is-a-guy), I’m really new to EvE Online (less than a month) during this post but I’m really enjoying my time in game so far!

My single player games of choice were always strategy games like Supreme Ruler 2020, or Empire: Dawn of the Modern World (Best game to date IMO). I started playing MMO’s around 2010 with WoW, then a little later with Rift, Guild Wars 2 and so on, I kept getting burnt out on these games very quickly until I decided to start playing more of a rouge type play style which brought some excitement to my gameplay but it still felt like something was missing.

After hearing about EvE and watching some videos on YouTube I became interested, but after I watched a video of a guy entering wormhole space and hunt down a couple players all while cloaked and them not even knowing he was there until it was to late is what really got me intrigued and tipped me to the point of downloading the game.

I have not been disappointed at all.

The adrenaline rush when creeping around wormholes is more than I have ever experienced in any of my other MMO experiences combined!!!

I do have to say at the start of the game the only real disappointment I can think of was the starter Corporation, no one really wanted to work together for a common goal, and there were more immature players in there than I can count which lead me to exploring other options and in the end I found The Crimson Order (TCO).

This is only my second day in the Corporation, but from what I already see I have to say every member is very mature, the corporation is extremely organized from the ground up and from what I hear, this game requires a set structure to move not only yourself as a player forward but to also move the group forward as a whole.

TCO is a close knit group of members, if you need help they will do what they can to help you, if it be with fits, skill planning, or other in game how to’s.

TCO gets its structure, maturity, and core values from it’s members which are mostly made up of Active, Veteran, and Retired military personnel.

Even though I haven’t been in game for even a month, I have to say that I feel like I will be calling TCO home for a long while to come.

Elli o7

Hey everyone, we have pilots contracts available and are hiring. Btwm who is going to EVE Vegas, we will see you there.

Hey there, Mennoch here, I am a long time player of EVE, my account was created back in 2006, and played off and on over those many long years, experiencing many Corporations within those years, some good, some bad. I’ve been a member of TCO for over a year now, though I started my membership within the multi-gaming clan on another game, I recently transferred my membership to TCO’s Corporation here on EVE, and haven’t regretted that decision thus far. TCO’s membership is filled with many, many people, spanning the globe, and we are a very tight knit bunch, more of a family then a clan. I am proud to call myself a member, and look to many more years to come within it’s ranks.

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We are looking to take pilots down to Null sec with us. If you haven’t been to null sec and want to try it out, send me a message.

Xavier Darkbayne here.

I’ve been playing Eve for approximately a month. Mennoch introduced me to the game and the clan/corporation as well. I’m still learning the game with the help of him and other members of TCO.

I also play (although not much lately) Guild Wars, Guild Wars 2, Star Trek Online and Star Wars The Old Republic. I really enjoy games where I can literally create and guide my character’s development. There seems to be so much to do that I haven’t even touched yet. I truly look forward to experiencing as much as possible and helping when and where I can.

Thanks for granting me the honor of joining TCO.

Hey everyone, we have made a home in BS IT. Come join us for big PvP fights, new moon mining and that wonderful PI everyone loves.