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Greetings, all!

*The Devil’s Rejected is looking for new members to help an already growing Corporation prosper even further. TDR is a wormhole corporation that is seeking new members who have a desire to learn about many of the different facets that make up New Eden. Here we are not looking for any particular kind of pilot. If you enjoy PVP, PVE, and fleets of all sizes then this is the Corporation for you! If you enjoy mining gas and ore then this is the Corporation for you! If exploration is your fancy, and the void is just a new height for you to conquer, then this is the Corporation for you!

*Live in Europe and Australia? That’s fine! We have pilots who play at all hours of the day across different countries and time zones!

*We accept everyone who is looking to do just about anything because we do just about anything. Skill level is not a primary factor, but it is a good idea to have a general understanding of the mechanics of the game considering the territory. Beyond that, new, seasoned, and eager pilots are ALL welcome! We already have an established team of experienced pilots who have no problem teaching green pilots the ropes, and can fly alongside the oldest pilots to further both our knowledge in the work we will undertake together!

*Want to know more? Join our public channel, TDR_Public, and talk to some of the pilots who are part of our corporation and many others who we have also flown with. Here we also post about our public fleets that go out at least once a week into Null Sec and Low Sec space.

*Shoot us an invite!

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