TDSIN is Looking to Expand it's Tentacles!

TDSIN is looking to expand it’s Tentacles!

We’re looking for active PvP-focused pilots along with indy/mining pilots to join us in mostly USTZ and we are growing our EUTZ!. We’re one of the oldest and most successful corps that provide and thrive on wormhole drive content as our core source, and now that we have settled into Lowsec, our area of operation has expanded. Whether you’re interested in WH, LS roams, Nullsec diving through WH’s for content, we’ve got you covered!!

We also have good opportunities setup for your mining and industry needs! via moons, Ore/Data/Relic anoms, ice belts, Another bonus is due to the large number of WH connections we get in our area the routes for logistics are open pretty frequently along with huffing dat WH gas!

Our requirements for entry are fairly fluid and easy going, but generally what we look for is a “decent” skill spread that will allow you to participate in a variety of fleet doctrines. If you’re curious, hop into our recruitment channel “TDSIN Recruitment” in-game and chat with or mail one of our recruiters to see if we’d be a good fit for you. Activities include, but are not limited to:

  1. Nullsec/Lowsec Roams
  2. Large scale fleet-ops w/friends
  3. Small/Medium scale skirmishes
  4. Blops
  5. Wormhole Raiding/Evictions/Diving
  6. Multiple ISK-generating opportunities

To Apply, join our public recruiting channel in-game, “TDSIN Recruitment” and either speak with a recruiter, or follow the instructions in the channel message of the day - there is a link at the bottom.


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