Team Americas [YANKS] reforming


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Team Americas [YANKS] is coming out of retirement after a 10-year hiatus. We are looking for younger pilots to take care of us and some older ones to join us for our nightly glass of warm milk.

Yanks was formed in 2005 and had a good run for about 3 years, wreaking havoc across the eve universe in low sec and null sec as a solo pvp corp and also with our friends in alliances like Force of Evil [FOE] and Anarchy Empire[RIOT]. We also once stole an alliance.

We are a small tight-knit corp that is a member of the Intergalactic Space Hobos [.BUMS] alliance and we take part in any type of pvp. You will find us in low sec, null sec, worm holes etc. looking for fair fights if we can get them and ganks if we can’t. The more tears the better.

Yanks on zKillboard

What we offer
-Small gang roams with corp in US time zones and sometimes gate camps
-Medium size fleets and content with alliance
-Multiple gang types: T1,T3, BS, Capitals, Black Ops
-ISK generating opportunities in 0.0 and or low sec
-JF Logistics
-Dank memes

What we are looking for
-Do not annoy the old farts in corp.
-10 Million skill points (PVP focused if that low)
-TS3 and Discord
-Willing to take on a few industrial types if the right fit, but must be willing to join in when needed and real life permits. We will make a pvp’er out of you yet.
-Any time zone is welcome.

Join channel YANKS in game for more info or send me an evemail. Remember! There is no “I” in Team Americas!

Bitter vet looking for small gang pvp!
100M SP player and active - Looking for corp
Considering options 37m sp pvp
Returning player looking for well balanced corp
77m SP Returning member LF pvp corp
Returning 130m + player, Looking for new opportunities
51m Old twat returned to game looking for a new home
Returning player
Returning Vet. looking for Corp
100M SP Returning Player
Returning player looking for new corp USTZ
Looking for a place to call home
94 MIL SP with alts Looking to return to eve and null sec life
Returning player looking for Corp
Old Guy Returning
50mil SP having a hard time finding an active corp?
110 mil sp newbro
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It’s a trap!

(KipKilliGin) #3

Still looking.

(KipKilliGin) #4

Good times lay ahead.

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We went out with an 8 man fleet tonight. Mostly tactical destroyers and a sabre. We headed toward PF-346 in Syndicate and came across a a 6 man fleet of Brutix (Brutix’s? Bruti? Brutix’? ) that wanted to chase us. We left our sabre behind to slow them down, not that we needed to in our ships :slight_smile: We continued on and went into Cloud Ring and found a lot of bubbles on an in gate. Needing something to shoot we took out 6 of them until that bored us as well.

Turning back to Syndicate again we ran across an omen that we dispatched quickly. We missed a drake that was able to burn back to the gate, and got past our guy on the other side in Y-W6GF. Rather slow night all in all but sometimes that is the way the cookie crumbles.

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Had another fun night thanks to the Federation Grand Prix passing through close to us. We put up some bubbles and had some instalock ships to grab all we could. I think the total was around 26 when i bailed for the night. Come join the fun.


(Arctanis) #7

Team Americas are great people to fly with and we always have a good time. o7

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Still recruiting. Drop in to channel YANKS or send me a mail.

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Last night alliance was setting up on some hot drops. The initial hunting ground was between me and the fleet. So I decided to just set up a bubble on a gate by myself so not to scare off their targets. They had better kills and I should have joined them but I was already deep into my task at hand and the targets just kept coming. Here is what ensued. TL;DR 27 kills. All shuttles and pods with one frigate kill but still fun. Still recruiting. Join channel YANKS or send me a mail to set up a time to talk.

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We are still recruiting. Looking for people that like to cut up and have fun while doing the pew.

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We are still looking for more to join us. Tonight we set out to engage an Eve-Uni fleet that was running around. By the time we caught up with them they had already lost most of their fleet in another fight so we had to settle for picking off a few left-overs and a random guy.

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Interested in small gang warfare? Come hang with us. Eve mail me your interest.

(KipKilliGin) #13

Today we were sitting on a bubble in y9g, bored to death with no traffic. We started to unanchor the bubble when our alt spotted a Vargur in the next system. I got tackle and agro in my brutix on our bubble and held him while 2 corp m8’s grabbed battleships. Once they arrived and got tackle I docked up and grabbed another battleship. He went into bastion mode and we were not breaking him. We called in alliance and they brought more neuts and he melted quickly. Link to kill. zkillboard link

Come join the fun.

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We went through a worm hole last night to Placid. There was not much out and about andwe were about to head back home when we ran into a Caldari Militia group. Good times were had by all.

zKillboard fight

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We have added a couple of new members that are getting up to speed. Still looking for more. Drop into channel Yanks or send me a mail and we can chat.

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We have some new neighbors so we decided to welcome them.


(KipKilliGin) #17

Join channel yanks in game for more info.

(Johnny PsychoSeed) #18

seems like a good group of guys! i see them down in syndicate wrecking ■■■■ often. glad to have yall back in game!

(KipKilliGin) #19

Still looking for a few more. Come chat with us and see if we are right for you.

(KipKilliGin) #20

Edited to reflect the name change in our alliance. We are now Intergalactic Space Hobos [.BUMS]