(Tech 2 only) Unified Rattlesnake for 10/10 & Havens


Always heard that to do 10/10s use a bling T3C. But if you dont have the skills or money a cheap rattlesnake will do. Made this Rattle fit that only uses tech II modules. It can do Sansha havens very easily and refitted to the second fit can do 10/10s (took me about 50min for 1 site). It mainly kites with the mjd does not at all face tank stuff. As long as you keep your range >50km from rats you are all good. I demonstrate some haven running here: https://youtu.be/ACTsTBPT3ZU

For Havens https://pastebin.pl/view/a9627f37

For 10/10s https://pastebin.pl/view/5d110d2c

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Nicely done as always - love your streams.

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