Tech II XL Upwell rigs


Probably the wrong place to post on these forums, but it’s just a curiosity more than anything else. I’ve seen that a few tech 2 xl rigs are unavailable on the market.

Can they be manufactured at all?

How does it work?

Also do any players actually use/buy them, considering the extremely high costs? Are they worth it?

Appreciate any feedback on the issue.


They can be and are manufactured. They even pay themselfs off if the organization using them has enough pilots to benefit from them. The reason for their high cost is that theres really limited suply of T2 salvage compared to the amount needed to build them.

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Thanks I didn’t know this.

T2 salvage is quite hard to obtain. You either get it from salvaging advanced wrecks from player’s destroyed spaceships, salvaging faction rats’ wrecks or as the best loot out of Relic signatures (and god bless the Sansha’s intact armor plates <3)

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Stick it in the oven.

425 degrees for 25 minutes.


If you be makin tons of titans, then yes.

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