Standup L-Set Point Defense Battery Control II

(Othar Hamund) #1

Can’t seem to find a price or any availability on the T2 Variant.

Is it just insanely high in terms of cost due to the Salvage required?

(ISD Sakimura) #2

They are made using T2 BPCs and yes the price would be very high compared to the T1 version

The materials required to make a T2 are as follows (approximately):

11.250 x Telemetry Processor
60 x Intact Shield Emitter
1.500 x Lorentz Fluid
1.500 x Power Conduit
60 x Single-crystal Superalloy I-beam
11.250 x Drone Transceiver
11.250 x Artificial Neural Network
1.500 x Impetus Console
1.500 x Conductive Thermoplastic
60 x Enhanced Ward Console
1 x R.A.M.- Robotics

Total cost is in the price range of 60-70bn

(Othar Hamund) #3

I can’t imagine why CCP set the bar so high on that Rig in terms of Salvage.

70 Billion ISK. Makes no sense. Even 1/10th that would have been high.

Especially when you consider the various L-Size Structure costs.

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