Standup L-Set Point Defense Battery Control II

Can’t seem to find a price or any availability on the T2 Variant.

Is it just insanely high in terms of cost due to the Salvage required?

They are made using T2 BPCs and yes the price would be very high compared to the T1 version

The materials required to make a T2 are as follows (approximately):

11.250 x Telemetry Processor
60 x Intact Shield Emitter
1.500 x Lorentz Fluid
1.500 x Power Conduit
60 x Single-crystal Superalloy I-beam
11.250 x Drone Transceiver
11.250 x Artificial Neural Network
1.500 x Impetus Console
1.500 x Conductive Thermoplastic
60 x Enhanced Ward Console
1 x R.A.M.- Robotics

Total cost is in the price range of 60-70bn

I can’t imagine why CCP set the bar so high on that Rig in terms of Salvage.

70 Billion ISK. Makes no sense. Even 1/10th that would have been high.

Especially when you consider the various L-Size Structure costs.

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