Dear CCP -Standup XL-Set EW and Emissions Co-ordinator II

This has to be a tool used to catch RMT’ers right? You’ve introduced an item that drops…that’s worth nearly a trillion isk… What the actual ■■■■?

I’m going out on a limb here and guess you don’t realize that is a rig and is therefore destroyed upon destruction of the citadel. And that you’re likely looking at the zkill of an NPC structure, not one that was actually built by a player as nobody in their right mind is going to ever build a T2 XL rig for anything outside of maybe a PKS.

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This would be a poor choice for rmt.

No one would buy it, meaning you couldnt get rid of it.

High priced items arr good for rmt, but if they are too highly priced, they are worthless.

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