Technically Incompetent. Nullsec Ratting, Mining Corp No Obligations Required!

We’re opening up our corp to the public, we’re a small group of friends just looking to play on our own terms. Don’t let the fresh corp age fool you. The corp is managed by experienced players who’ve helped managed much larger corps.

We can offer a couple systems your more than welcome to rat and mine in to your heart’s content.

TLDR what we offer:

  • Friendly members to chat/play games with.
  • Ratting/Mining Space.
  • SRP coverage on certain ratting ships for members.
  • JF service
  • Rorqual Boosts
  • Titan and super support from NC


  • Full Account API
  • Teamspeak
  • Discord

We don’t expect you to get on comms but we want you to be able to get on discord for pings.

Public Channel:

  • Tiki Lounge

Hello Aser,

Are you looking to form an alliance? We are currently in the process of building an alliance with some corporations, looking to venture into null sec. Would your corporation like to join?



No we are member of WERMT and are happy where we are thank you for the offer however

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