[Null Sec][Indy Corp][Mining] The Black Cartel

New Renters Corp that will be specializing in Mining/Ratting/Industry.

We offer:

  • Fortizar for easy docking and tethering
  • Azbel and Athanor
  • Moon Mining!
  • Rigged Azbel for Capital Production
  • Safe Ratting/Astroid Anom Mining
  • Null Sec Corp
  • Leadership with connections to Supers/Titans/Capitals For Growth among Members.
  • Ore Buy Back Program
  • Multiple Rorq Miners with Links
  • Corp Leadership Active Everyday.
  • Jump Freighter Services

Why be part of a large Corp where you are just a number. Be part of a GROWING Corp, be known, participate and reape the benefits.

Join our pub The Foreshores

Omyfid Tetsukari
Krossus Quintus
Death- Beach

Real good corp leadership in this corp. Everything that’s advertised, is as it says.

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Do you require vocal all the time?
Native French speaker, being an IT salesman, i’d like to stay away from the mic as long as i can when home.
How safe is it? last null sec regions i was were really dangerous… i’d like to chill a bit…
Is there corps for defense or everyone in your corp is ready to jump in if someone is tackled ?

Hey, would you be able to join our ingame channel at this time and we could discuss you questions there?

unfortunately no :confused:

I’ll hit you up when i’ll be home.

Ok, well we do not require members to be on comms… however it is advantageous.

It’s null sec so, we are also not a dead end system so some neuts do travel through. We are all pretty chill and enjoy talking ■■■■ in comms and chat and nobody is really on edge like some corps. Responding to you if you’re tackled will really depend on how quickly you can let us know/what your in (cap/subcap) and who is on but if we can help we try to.

Sure, sure, its everywhere the same. Tackled goes on comm, fleet is pinged, everyone gets in PvP ships… I think it has to be this way. And it stress out new players as well wich is a good thing lol.
I might hop in your comms, need to practice english anyways. I’ll send you a message from my main char tonight (EU TZ).

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Might look you up when I log on next time.

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Bump this corp up. Massively good group of guys!

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