The Black Cartel - Null Sec Mining/Industry/Ratting + More!

New Renter Corp that is specializing in Mining/Ratting/Industry.

We offer:

  • Fortizar for easy docking and tethering
  • Growing System Index’s
  • Safe Ratting/Asteroid Anom Mining
  • Null Sec Corp
  • Leadership with connections to Supers/Titans/Capitals For Growth among Members.
  • Ore Buy Back Program
  • Corp Leadership Active Everyday.
  • Active Jump Freighter Services
  • Soon to be Capital/Subcap Ship construction

Why be part of a large Corp where you are just a number. Be part of a GROWING Corp, be known, participate and reape the benefits.

Convo/Mail Drazz Hekki or DooCTooR today to join up!

Lots of fun! Come make dank isk! I know I do every night mining in a rorq!

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