Tel Megiddo Coalition: Looking For Corporations | Alliances | Individuals (Must Be Weird & Active To Apply)

All this free Beer and free Maidens just lying around waiting on new recruits… If you’re reading this, feel free to swing by and grab a glass and some ass. Who knows, you might join in time to watch Shadow pop a Halalghorn too.

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This may have gotten a little out of hand, guys…

That aside, members of the Coalition are friendly, willing and able to answer most (if not all) game-related questions you have. We have a good mix of new and long-time players in our member corporations and alliances, and welcome capsuleers, corporations, and alliances from all aspects of EVE to join us.

If you don’t mind dealing with a little good-natured insanity, feel free to hop into our Discord and chat with us!

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The indy dudes when I find them things to mine

How new recruits be when they see our NSFW channel :skull:

Screenshot 2021-12-11 101044

When nobody knows you’re secretly running things :skull:

meme city

Seeing new recruits joining and bringing fun bro’s with them

Well have you?!?!

Daily roams be like

Go to sleep FC, this is the third time you’ve called to jump into Abhazon. I think we passed Hek twice an hour ago

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Returning players and new bro’s are welcome, as well as those looking for activity and silly messy fleets to chill about with

More new recruits, MORE BROZZAAA’S

oh no

very interesting

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Thanks, can I help you in any way mate? Are you looking to be recruited or just posting?

War fleets be like

Major moves for Tel Megiddo coming up. Don’t wanna spoil anything, so stay tuned for the next exciting operation results from yours truly. Don’t wanna wait and catch up on the excitement? Come join Tel Megiddo Coalition today and be a part of our next endeavors!

Looking for more fun people to join our growing family, accepting null bro’s who’ve recently lost their homes, we’ll light the hearth for you :smiley:


Miss me with that child support


Seeing the new bro’s get their first kills