Tel Megiddo Coalition: Looking For Corporations | Alliances | Individuals (Must Be Weird & Active To Apply)

And of course, the impending loss:

Always a pleasure flying with the TMC after hours crew :smiley:

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War fleets be like

Whacking angry boys

roaming boys

Major moves for Tel Megiddo coming up. Don’t wanna spoil anything, so stay tuned for the next exciting operation results from yours truly. Don’t wanna wait and catch up on the excitement? Come join Tel Megiddo Coalition today and be a part of our next endeavors!

Looking for more fun people to join our growing family, accepting null bro’s who’ve recently lost their homes, we’ll light the hearth for you :smiley:


Miss me with that child support


Seeing the new bro’s get their first kills

If you’re from the UK/EU we need you, so come over here where it’s a bit weird and crazy

Made a friend lmao :skull:

new bro’s getting more pvp in


If you too want your PvP cherry popped, or if you’re a veteran combat sloot, come take part in TMC kitchen sink fleets. The only type of fleet where you can find a 1st time PvP pilot flying a Marauder and an experienced salty veteran’s battle venture getting popped like a can of biscuits.


when I see the paperwork I’m behind on

new bro’s whacking more things

If you already clicked on the advert, why not click on the join server link too?

banter parrots

Me when doing anything that requires attention and being online at the same time

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Hello there


Keep coming recruits, the more the merrier

Looking for capsuleers to meet my Bhaalgorn for extracurricular activities


Hello there