Tempest Innovations - Hi-Sec Indy Corporation: Building a new path!

Tempest Innovations is a Multi-Platform next generation generalist corporation, meaning that we pressue the many aspects of the game. We are a quiet corporation that keeps to ourselves. As out motto says we don’t going looking for conflict, but we will not allow others to push us around either. Being a generalist corp we will have a Millitary Division and a Research & Developement Division. If you want to be apart of a new developement in New Eden and want to fight and build for good reasons, well you are looking at the right Corporation.

At Tempest, we are looking for many different varieties of Capsuleers. We are looking for people who have strong skill in the art of combat; also people who would like to gather resources for our R&D Division. When you log in and participate in everyday operations, it is my absolute duty to make you feel that you are apart of a project, or have the feeling of accomplishment. Everyone here feels that this is a game, this should feel like your job.

  • Friendly guys in comms and in game chat

  • Newbro Sherpas

  • Orca mining boosts

  • Access to copy BPC library

  • A great time

  • Friendly fire is illegal

  • No skill points requirement

If you like what you see send me a message , or find me online

John Kirk


-Bump- We are still recruiting!

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