Tempest Innovations - Nullsec Corp Looking for Miners and Ratters to join our Ranks!

✠ Etherium Reach Space
✠ English Speaking Corp
✠ Active members
✠ Discord for both Corp and Alliance
✠ Ratting/Mining/Pvp
✠ US/ EU Timezones
✠ ORE Buyback programme.
✠ New Bro Friendly

We are looking to bring new members to our growing corp. If you are interested, please send me an ingame mail or send an invite and we can look it over.

Are you guys still recruiting ?

Hi Sara,

Yes we are still recruiting, If you want to send me an ingame mail, we can give you more information

Hi All,

Still looking for new members to come join our ranks, hit me up in game or message on here for more details.

Just a Friendly Bump to the top

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