[US/UK] Recruiting: Valuable Nullsec Pocket, industry, ratting, PVP roams/defence. Chill, no time requirements, friendly corp

Hello :wave:,

I’m part of a growing corporation who have recently moved into a valuable, end of pipe pocket in Nullsec, we are relaxed and have no time requirements for you to be online. Join us to make the most of what you want to do in EVE.
Everyone’s on Discord, are really chill and have a very wide range of skills. If you want to get into Ratting to earn lots of isk, some PI, learn industry or follow our experienced CEO into many PVP battles, there’s plenty of fun to be had.

If you’re interested and want to know a little more about us, feel free to join our discord and say Hi - no pressure… We want to ensure we’re a good fit for you as much as you for us.

Discord link: .A-IN - Alternate Intention

If you prefer to contact us in game I’m IvanGS [EU] and for [US] please message Darian Torales
Thank you for your interest, Fly Safe :saluting_face:

Within the first 3 days of joining, I was in a wormhole flying next to dreadnaughts, days later given a Scimi which I somehow managed to survive in :slight_smile:

First day:

We are still recruiting! Come on over and say hi!

Come on down and say hi! Recruitment is open!