Tengu shield graphical bug

Tengu’s shields are smaller and not covering the whole of the ship.

Noticed that it persists on several my computers so probably not a driver/shader bug?


Yea I’ve seen this bug reported more often, was on reddit too a while ago.

It appears that the shield hardener animation only covers one subsystem graphically, rather than the whole ship as it’s supposed to do.

That’s the case for all T3C and it’s been a thing since 21.01 when CCP introduced the new hangars. Talk about #CCPQualityCoding.

This also happens for both shield boosters and hardeners, I tried repackaging, building by piece, docking undocking, re arranging mods, turning on mods outside station, nothing I try gets rid of it.

I feel your pain


Hope this will get fixed soon as i like the Tengu but with this bug visualy i rather not fly it

Still a thing, sadly. Please fix CCP

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