Graphics Shield Issue

Not sure if anyone is getting this problem with the loki shield but in the image it’s only over the front of ship. It looks weird.

Is there a way to fix it?

It’s a known issue and first occurred a few releases ago, at least since 21.01 last year in fall. In the meantime, they fixed the Tengu but forgot about the Loki at the very least.

I hope so. Does CCP look at these post to fix it or do I need to report bug in game?

No one knows if they read these forums. Considering the fix for the Tengu, CCP already looked at this after people bug-reported this and mentioned it here and in the patch feedback topics. However, I guess another bug report could call this issue back to their attention.

Cheers mate, I will do a bug report in game.

Fly safe my friend o7

They are reading the forums. Look at the launcher depreciation thread

Where do I find that?

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