Graphics issue, Glitching shield textures

I’ve had this issue for a while now, but have found no other topics that cover it on the forums. For some reason, The shield textures of minmatar and gallente ships seem to disappear after a gate jump, leaving only a “glow” where the shield is impacted during combat. no amount of tweaking with the graphics settings seem to fix it. i have all the latest drivers, and my hardware, while not top of the line is still supported. issue is pressent while running under DirectX 11 and 12.

Anyone else had this issue? and if yes, what fixed it?

I had this problem a while back: In-space 'background' or 'backdrop' missing. Everything is black with white dots (stars) - #5 by Uriel_the_Flame

Check it out, that kind of could maybe perhaps sound like similar problem.
Corrupted drivers might be a problem. Do you have GeForce?
I had the latest drivers but after installing GeForce experience, the software downloaded some kind of additional driver update or something that fixed the problem for me.
Sorry for slightly un-accurate explanation English isn’t my first language and i´m no IT nerd haha.

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