Graphic Issues while docked in new(er) stations like Jita or Air Labs

Just wondering if anybody else has run into graphics errors while docked in the slightly jazzed up stations? Jita, Amarr, or the air labs, all seem to have this same issue.

I dont have any video capture software so cant really show it, but seems like a certain shadow is being rendered wrong and creating a flashing affect across all showy/translucent areas. quite a large artifact and hard to ignore as it has a strobe affect sometimes.

Using a rtx 3080, 4k resolution and full settings, win10, only happening since dx12 update, older stations and everything else like ships seem totally fine.

EDIT - unfortunately not isolated to what I thought it was, I was a bit ignorant of it but now im paying more attention, the entire fortizar is flashing with the same graphic error when i undock, only when super zoomed in though, unable to recreate by just looking at fortizar and spinning it around.

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I have the same flashing problem when undocked from the Jita trade hub; I haven’t noticed it when docked.

I recently had the same issue. Light flickering in all stations, tough it was way more apparent in Jita. I always play with the graphics settings maxed, yet I found out that the Anti-Aliasing was turned off. I put it to “high” like the rest of the settings and it corrected the problem.

Nervermind, the problem is back. Now the Anti-Aliasing have no effect anymore. I also realised the flickering is happening in space aswel…