New Graphical bug since 7/1/18 ish

(Smartik2) #1

Since one if the most recent patches i’ve had an issue where when i jump though a gate, dock, undock etc etc i the screen locks up with a picture with the jumping animation (if jumping a gate) or a black screen (if undocking).

It’s only just started happening, which leads me to believe it’s a problem game side rather than hardware or software installed on my pc.

(Jinn Esubria) #2

It’s not limited to gate jumping, docking also can leave a graphical after-image as well. It’s fixed in the same way as the gate jumping bug (opening the fitting window, viewing a planet in planet mode, changing graphics settings. See the below screen shots. It’s leaving a dust cloud overlay. Seems like it could be related, as they both happen on a screen change (i.e. jumping and docking both completely reset the screen).

(allanium) #3

Hello all :slight_smile:
I have the issue and have also made a ticket.
no changes to my hardware or software on my pc so I also believe it has to do with the latest patch

CCP please respond asap

(Sindara T'Soni) #4

Have the same issue as the OP.

(KingOf Pikachus) #5

I get the same issue, but also this one while docking in a citadel. Undocking and redocking fixes it.

(Sam Bonetto) #6

same problems here. i was checking on driver till i found this thread!

(Uriel the Flame) #7

Can confirm had both visual glitches happen to me too. Just saying this so CCP can’t pretend only a handful of people experience the bug. The more people report it when it happens to them the better.

(Arcin Hamir) #8

Same here, during both gate jumps and dock/undock.

(Orelia Agnon) #9

Have also the problem could it with interruption of the anti-aliasing provisionally fix. But that can not be the solution on a permanent basis.

(Nankeen Heron) #10

Same problem here; it comes good after another warp, but you’re largely flying blind until then.

(Arcin Hamir) #11

You can clear it by bringing up the solar system map or selecting look outside (if in a citadel) but not a great solution.

(Luke Spacerunner) #12

I have the same issue. It seems to happen on session changes. The screen will either go black or become a static image of space outside the station. I have corpmates with the same issue, so it is definitely pretty widespread. Alot of Americans may skip this thread though, I was looking for a thread about this and I skipped over it twice because 7/1 is July 1st in Americanese and it didnt click that it was January 7th.

edit: The Thursday Jan 11th patch notes say they fixed it, but it would seem that is when it started for many people.

Fixed an Issue where the Jump Tunnel animation would freeze after jumping.
Fixed an Issue where the space scene would visible instead of the hangar when docked in a Citadel, Refinery or Industrial Array.

(Mo Skor) #13

Same issue.

(Aya Audeles) #14

Same issue here. It is not fixed with Jan. patch. Just become more frequent. And also some new graphic glitches shows up e.g totaly black screen. Also in some missions hostile NPC are blue like CONCORD instead red. Yesterday it happend on mission Pirate Invasion.

Pardon my English.

(TheZapper) #15

+1… same issue. Session changes fail or have graphical glitches maybe 10% of the time. Hitting “F10” or opening (and then closing) the EVE store ‘usually’ resets it.

(Recken) #16

Same for me … Its annoying.

(Fuebe Fuechtenhans) #17

I have the same problem after each change of system as undocking or docking I have a black screen or frezz permanently annoys the huge especially if you are in constant danger because of something like his ships to lose

(Smartik2) #18

I have updated to the latest GeForce drivers and it hasn’t happened since. I was running 1 month old drivers.

Try updating guys, see what happens.

(Jack Cataclysm) #19

I’ve updated and then reverted and it is still an issue.

(GM Mechanic) #20

This issue was resolved in a patch last downtime. If you are still experiencing these issues then please file a support ticket.