Graphic issue on Linux Mint

Hi guys!
Is there anyone who experienced similar issue like on screen below - where menu backgrounds are missing and most of icons gone… Unplayable experience :confused:

Have you disabled DX 12 in the launcher?

@Meditril , i can confirm - it is/was disabled. I never ever had this option enabled.

So I assume it did not resolve your issue. In this case: Have you tried to install EVE via Steam client? My observation so far is, that the game works best via Steam from performance as well as compatibility perspective.

Steam Client works fine for me, I did not observed any issues with it but per your suggestion I will reinstall it and EVE game as well.

After few tries I gave up - couple of re-installation, Proton version changes - I was not able to fix the issue. Seems to me I will live with this…
Unless someone has something to add - this topic can be closed.

Do you have a AMD or NVIDIA GPU?

If you use steam with experimental proton then the issue must be the GPU driver.
I had a similar issue with a really old GPU driver, now with Mesa 22.3.4 - kisak-mesa everything works fine.

If you are on AMD you can run: glxinfo -B to see the version of you mesa driver.

Wish OP would come back and post…I agree that this is almost certainly fixed by fresh mesa.

not fresh mesa(or it might by now) - but installing dxvk and making sure it is being used will fix the issue

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