Install Guide - Mint 20

  1. Install Mint 20; update system. I use Mate desktop.
  2. Ensure video driver is functional from driver manager (tested w/ Nvidia 1060 and 440.100 driver, as well as AMD RX590 that doesn’t need proprietary driver)
  3. Install dxvk from software center. (wow does it bring a lot of dependancies)
    *tested without dxvk and had stuttery sound on one machine…so meh.
  4. Install steam from software manager.
  5. Install eve from steam.
  6. Set launcher to download everything, and turn on hardware rendering (significantly reduces cpu load of launcher itself).
  7. In game, turn all the graphics options all the way up including anti-aliasing, then contract all your belongings to me because you want to start fresh and new.

*no ssl issues
*no qt issues
*desktop icon is automatic
*If your distro is different; you might have to add your applicable mesa-vulkan drivers to get good framerates
*would ~probably~ work with just plain wine 5 if you really dislike steam for some reason

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Ok I got eve installed with Mint 20 But under steam to try to add eve from steam it just says only available for windows and Mac. Gives no option to install under Mint 20. I can get the launcher to run using the terminal but would rather be able to use a desktop short cut., Followed this and the basic part works and loads the launcher but to get a short cut not so much.