Stable Linux Distro for Eve

I am flexible on Linux Distros but was looking for the one that runs Eve the best. I have had weird issues on some distros where copy / paste stops working, mouse acts weird, client crashing, etc. I have an AMD GPU. Looking for recommendations.

Using Mint 20 with no issue with eve installed though steam

Mint 17.3 & Mint 19 both work OK (not Steam).

Clarification - I don’t mean they don’t work with Steam, just that I don’t have Steam myself.

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You can also run eve with out steam just very easy to setup and run from steam. FYI if you do , Do not leave the launcher open the entire time your playing. You have been warned.

Why? Just curious…

For what ever reason the launcher will stop responding and even crash eve if left open. Not exactly sure why but the best way to avoid this is to close the launcher after you load into the game. If needed you can open it again when needed through steam.

If this does happen you will have to go in the system monitor and kill the eve launcher to get it to load again. Yes it can be a PITA. Yet still works far better then when I just had windows installed, Would get blue screens of death all the time and low FPS about 10fps. Under linux about 140FPS.

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The launcher sometimes crashes for me, but never takes the client(s) down with it, nor does it need kiling by the system monitor. Could those be a Steam issue ?

Almost never takes the client down. Only reason I might have to kill the launcher is even if I close it steam will show the status as currently playing and will not let you open a new launcher. So you can not open a new Ever online and the only way around that is to kill the launcher. Best way to avoid this is to not leave the launcher open.

I think it is. I am using Mint since Mint 8 or 9, so quite a while now and I noticed since Mint 19 starting the client with Steam, everything I do, at the very first click the launcher freezes and you have to “kill” it.

Using wine, the launcher (the windoze one) starts as it should and even after days of uptime, the launcher works as it should.

I am procrastinating with the Mint 20 installation for now but good to know that EVE is working on Mint 20.

You said :

So what do you mean by ‘Crash Eve’ in this context ?

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I mean the launcher will become unresponsive and if you close it will still be running in the background. So to reload the launcher you will need to kill it in order to do so.

I saw this once I think, many months ago - but it hasn’t happened since.

Current Ubuntu 20.04 LTS works fine for me.

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