How to install on MX Linux [HELP]

Good afternoon EVE community, I recently switched operating system (I left Windows and installed MX Linux), and I confess that I don’t intend to go back to Windows, MX Linux is perfect and meets my needs very well.

Since EVE Online has no native support for Linux, I would like to know the best way to install the game as cleanly as possible, installing only what is really necessary and how to do it.

Can someone help me?

I don’t know ■■■■ about linux. But since no one else is helping, check out the following link. Maybe if you had some more specific questions, people would be more inclined to answer. You could also try employing Cunningham’s law.
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Don‘t know MX Linux, but the trick to get EVE running is to install Wine-6.14 (Staging) with DXVK onto you Linux system. With this you should be able to start the windows installer from EVE on your Linux machine.

In case you don‘t know how get the above installed I recommend you to check out the MX Linux community forums and if necessary ask there for further help. For a starter you can omit DXVK, but the game performance will be poor, unless you switch EVE in the launcher to DX 9 mode.

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I’m also on MX Linux. So far, I’ve been using Steam. It works, but it’s a horrible kludge of a solution. So I’m also interested in finding a better way.

I suspect the answer you get is going to depend largely on your hardware. I’m on one of those laptop computers with an NVIDIA graphics card but given that EVE is running through Steam/Proton/Wine, it appears that the motherboard is handling the graphics instead. Not good at all.

It’s a mess, and I hope this thread can help both of us out. :slight_smile:

On modern Linux/nvidia systems you can tell the OS which graphics hardware to use to start programs.

Rightclick eve in steam, select “Properties”.
On “General” enter the following into the “Launch options” textbox:


this should run eve on your nvidia graphics card PROVIDED your System is setup correctly.

there are other options you can set that way to get a overlay with fps display and other debug infos, but i don’t have them on hand right now. (google it)

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Bugger me. Just like magic, it works.

For reference, my launch parameters are now:


Thanks a lot!

To help the OP, MX Linux has a dedicated script (and launcher in the start menu) called “Nvidia driver installer” which will get your drivers sorted out almost-automatically.

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