Moving to Linux as a beginner

So - I have never had a Linux system but have had a VM running Fedora which I have only dabbled with. My knowledge is cursory at best, but I am hoping to change that now. My current rig is winding down and I’d like to move away from Windows, so I could be in the market to buy (or possibly build) something new.

I’d like to continue to play some games including EVE, but I understand that getting the hardware to cooperate with the games can be troublesome. I built my current rig with pcpartpicker but I’m not sure if there is something comparable for linux-based systems. I’ve also looked at System 76 as a possibility but do not know if their hardware will play nice with EVE or other more recent games.

The pinned posts above suggest using Steam and Proton (have to learn what that is) with Ubuntu but I do not have a Steam account and would have to somehow associate my existing account with Steam I guess? This part sounds like it will be a pain.

Also would I want the OS drive to run separately from an applications/executables drive?

Hoping someone here might be able to point to a guide by which I could start to plan this transition. Thanks for reading.

You can also just use the default Windows installer with wine:

  1. Download the windows launcher
  2. Install the latest wine-staging
  3. Create a new wine prefix (not needed but best practice) with the desired install (prefix) location
WINEARCH=win64 WINEPREFIX=/home/user/eveprefix winecfg
  1. Set version to Windows 10 in the dialog that pops up, navigate to staging tab and disable CSMT. Close Dialog
  2. Download latest dxvk from and extract it
  3. Install dxvk in the prefix
WINEARCH=win64 WINEPREFIX=/home/user/eveprefix ./setup_dxvk install
  1. Run the installer with wine in your prefix
WINEARCH=win64 WINEPREFIX=/home/user/eveprefix wine EVE-Installer.exe

I’ve found Lutirs* to be the easiest way to play Eve on Linux.

Proton on Steam is the simplest way to run it if you use Steam, you can either use your existing Eve account or use Steam federation to log in.

Every proton enabled game is basically its own prefix and isolated.

To use your existing Eve account, you have to keep clicking the annoying email signup form away and then log in, you don’t have to associate your account (federated login) to use Eve on Steam Proton.

As for hardware, can’t go wrong with Intel on Linux, Intel supports Linux very well, not just their processors but chipsets and wifi.

For beginners, many recommend Mint distros (they have an Edge release with a later HWE kernel for newer hardware if needed). Mint is basically Ubuntu on easy non-corporate mode and follows their LTS cycles and updates from them. The LMDE version is based on Debian and experimental so you probably don’t want that one.

This info is much appreciated. It seems like the simplest route would be to use Mint running Steam, followed perhaps by Ubuntu running Lutris.

I will now look at building the system itself with hardware that will support the game and OS both. After that it’s a matter of figuring out how to add an existing EVE account to a Steam account.

Back to research, cheers.

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