Terra Nullius WH - C2>C3/HS - PvP - EU&US - small scale

Terra Nullius is recruiting!

Join Our Discord ! - Terra Nullius Public in game

We are a small corp of three individuals (returning wormholers), looking for new pilots to vibe with us.

We would like to find pilots who think of J space as their home but are currently lost or in search of a new beginning.

Terra is here for you:

  • C2 with C3 and HS static

  • PVP - frequent connections / hunting / rolling

  • RATTING in C3 static


  • Laid-back atmosphere

  • Help for wh beginners

  • Authonomy (what ever solo stuff you want to do)

  • Residence

Is Terra for you?

We have no big expectations from people, only some… (you can do what ever you want)

  • min 20MIL SP (negotiable)

  • working MIC

  • Willingness to scan and contribute

  • EU or US EAST time zone *(ex-yu)

the current system we occupy is not a permanent thing,
since we choose it to get things going. Later, according to needs and wishes of corp members,
we will move on to higher WH space.

See you out there!


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