Terra Nullius reborn - EU TZ - small-gang - C2(HS+C3)

Greetings pilots,

Our corporation was created years ago, with the mission of providing a self-sufficient refuge, open to pilots who seek independence and a peaceful place to prosper, away from k space.

Now with the new acquisition of unclaimed land, Terra Nullius is once again open for pilot applications, who wish to escape or change whatever they were doing and join the project.

Terra Nullius is currently located in a C2 wormhole with HIGH-SEC and a C3 static.

The constant connection to High-security space and a C3 wormhole, good planets for PI production, and a relaxed environment will enable any newcomers enough space for autonomy and lucrative isk-making possibilities, of course with never lacking PVP content.

For any inquiries please contact us on our in-game channel Terra Nullius Public
or on our Discord server: Terra Nullius

Pilots of all experiences are wellcomed, as long as they know how to scan.

*We are not looking to join an alliance or another corp.

Join us Terra Nullius

Closed by request of the Op.