Terror and Hubris: Small Gang and Third Party Mercs


A Small Ragtag group of players that have been through some rough patches. We’ve been through a few corps together doing what we do best, but none of them had our best interests in mind. So we took the plunge and broke away to make our own Corp, Terror and Hubris.

The Fall of FCON? We were there (under previous corp).

VOLTA Urself vs DCU? We were there (under previous corp).

Burning of Provi for Outposts? We were there.

Winter Coalition vs TEST? Guess where we are now.

What we are looking for:

  1. Pvpers of all types. Soloists that can hit strategic targets, small gang roamers and anyone else that can Fleet-up when the call goes out.

  2. Newbros wanting to learn PvP. It will be rough if you are low-SP or inexperienced, but we will still work with you to get you into content at a reasonable pace.

  3. Players that can follow directions and engagement guidelines.

  4. Interesting and social individuals. You have to be in comms, might as well join in conversations.

  5. People that dont mind changes in scenery. We are Nomadic by Nature. We have to be flexible as we have campaigns wherever there is conflict.

What we can provide:

  1. Kill bounties. Get paid to PvP. Payment varies based on ship class and Current Campaign area.

  2. SRP for most ships. We Fly Dangerously, dont worry if you explode.

Extra Details:

We are part of the Dead Heaven Syndicate PvP Alliance. They Invest in their members and provide opportunities for growth to those that work for it. Over 3000 Corpses Collected and counting, we know how to handle business.

“How do I sign up?”

Start by visiting our Discord, and give us wave so we know you’re there.
The best Time to get a response is from 5pm - 9am CST (2200 - 1400 Eve).

New Recruits are subject to a Voice Interview/Q&A and ESI-API check.

You can also Direct Message my Inbox with Questions and I will answer them as soon as I see the notification.

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