TEST alliance nullsec combat corporation [SPVG] recruiting aggressive pilots


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Spartan Vanguard is selectively recruiting active, dedicated pvp and industry pilots.

SPVG came to life a year and half ago - reforming from one of the oldest corps in Eve -
where I was acting CEO and director for nearly a year. We have climbed quickly in corporation pvp standings on Zkillboard. As CEO, I’m proud of what we’re consistently accomplishing in combat operations … day to day, week to week, month to month - as a team. We also have a very healthy industry arm that produces subcaps, caps, supers and titans.

SPVG killboards


What do we require? Willingness to learn, excel and the ability to survive and play smart in nullsec. Bonus points for cap/fax alts. We do not do alarm clock ops, but do expect and encourage active alliance and corp fleet participation and the desire to blow up enemy spaceships. SPVG has a 35m SP requirement, and we ask that you also be able to fly interceptors and have some killboard depth. Honestly, the rest we can teach you. During the in-game interview, I’ll get a pretty good idea whether you’ll fit in corp, now 370+ strong. While not a mega-corp, SPVG pulls twice it’s weight and we’re consistently at the top of TEST Alliance Please Ignore killboards. Zkillboard has listed SPVG in Top 10 corporations for the week many times. We’ve been in the top 20 ranked corporations in weekly charting for months.

SPVG is a multifaceted corp with pilots from around the globe and a strong EUTZ and USTZ presence. We have a mature player base, but prepare to be sociable, on comms and active. We don’t accept or keep afk pilots in our ranks, so if you apply, have the time to invest and don’t vanish. We don’t carry dead weight and inflated corp numbers with pilots who haven’t haven’t logged in for ages. I keep an active corp and expect pilots to be active, too. SPVG also offers excellent SRP benefits and other corp rewards and incentives for exceptional pilots, including monthly isk bonuses.

SPVG also has a strong industry base - including titan, super cap and capital ship production - and we provide near at-cost discounts to our pilots, including Rorquals, carriers, dreads, super caps and titans; we hold the BPOs. For miners, we run Rorquals, have a corp ore buyback program and do corp mining ops.

We own a super and cap production rigged Sotiyo, a T2 rigged Tatara and over 30 Fortizar’s, Astra’s and T2 Raitaru’s in low-sec, Immensea, Catch, Tenerifis and Esoteria.

My personal philosophy as CEO is this: take care of corpmates and they’ll take care of their corp, where pilots put in extra effort to help each other and work together toward common goals. We have a tight-knit group and many seasoned pilots, but will take newer pilots with the right attitude and drive to excel. Face it, this game isn’t always about skill points. It’s about friendships and learning, too. In short, we have fun, because if a game isn’t fun with friends and comrades, why play it? Oh, before I forget; another requirement of SPVG … have a thick skin and good sense of humor. We meme a lot.

There’s always plenty of content here with TEST Alliance Please Ignore, and we’re always at war, so there’s lots of pew pew. There’s large-scale alliance fleets, blops and small-gang corp ops daily. We also have many solo pvp’ers and always seek more. We’re part of the Legacy Coalition, with space from Catch to Impass, Immensea to Esoteria and Paragon Soul.

Legacy Coalition Map

Do you have what it takes to be a Spartan and part of our team of aggressive pvp pilots? We don’t want to need pilots who feel like they have to pvp. We recruit pilots who want to pvp.

If interested, please join in-game channel Spartan Vanguard for an interview.

No retreat. No surrender. And thank you for your consideration.

Fly dangerous.


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