TEST alliance nullsec combat corporation [SPVG] recruiting aggressive pilots


(Valkorsia) #42

Believe it or not, we need some dedicated industry players. Our cap and supercap production is getting too busy for two directors. Apply in our in-game channel, Spartan Vanguard

As always, competent pvp pilots are wanted. Looking for some more solo pvp’ers, cap and super cap pilots

(Kourandelli Hanaya) #43

Bumping . As of today, 288 Spartan Vanguard pilots even after kicking some dead weight. With our indy alt corp - Spartan Vanguard Freight - we’re now 340+ strong.

Keep the apps coming. I’m not stopping anytime soon. We’re going to the top. Last week, top 10 zkill again.

In-game channel Spartan Vanguard for an interview. Do you have what it takes?

Fly dangerous.


(Valkorsia) #44

Weekend bump.

(QueenOfEast) #45

Wanna join your corp

(Valkorsia) #46

Over 310+alt corp of 50+

Eve-Who lists us as ‘extremely active’ …

(Valkorsia) #47

More AUTZ and late USTZ needed. We’re heading to mega-corp.

(Valkorsia) #48


(Valkorsia) #49

320 now, headed to 400 … Still looking for dedicated pvp’ers.

(T-ray) #50

Hope I’m gonna make it :slight_smile:

(T-ray) #51

Made it :slight_smile:

(Berkalp Stark) #52

Hey o/

(Valkorsia) #53

More USTZ. More solo and small gang pvp’ers also being sought ASAP. We began as a mostly USTZ corp and I’ve got Euro’s coming out of my ears :rofl: Gimmie some more USTZ, please.

(LightningSky) #55

Friendly bump!

(Valkorsia) #56

USTZ wanted.

(LightningSky) #57

Friendly bump!

(Jinx Cloud) #58

Hello! I’m UKTZ do you need a miner?
Message me in game “Jinx Cloud”.


(LightningSky) #59

Recruitment is up and running again!

(Grunt Kado) #60

o/ all,

your ingame channel ist kinda ded, so i figured I write sth here. I´m very interested in your corp, since I am currently looking for an active PvP corp in TEST. I never did stuff like small gang action and would like to improve my solo PvP with help from friendly corpmates :slight_smile: I don´t know your recuitment process - maybe I didn´t read the right post - so I am looking forward to apply. Since I am a longtime TESTi I am already in testauth :slight_smile:

Grunt Kado

(Valkorsia) #61

Recruitment is open again.

(Valkorsia) #62

Looking for people who want to pvp, not feel like they have to pvp. Cap alts to the front of the line.