TEST alliance nullsec combat corporation [SPVG] recruiting aggressive pilots


(LightningSky) #63

Friendly bump!

(Valkorsia) #64

Another bumpo.

(Valkorsia) #65

Bump for the weekend.

(anas moraished) #66

Am i welcome ?

(Valkorsia) #67

Subcap pilots with cap alts to the front of the line.

(Valkorsia) #68

Bumping for more cap pilots, more solo pvp’ers, more high-skilled subcap bros.

(Kourandelli Hanaya) #69

Weekend bump, but no weekend warriors.

(LightningSky) #70

Friendly bump!

(Valkorsia) #71


(LightningSky) #72

Back to the top!

(Valkorsia) #73

Bump for hump day.

(LightningSky) #74

SPVG is always looking for pilots!

(Valkorsia) #75


(LightningSky) #76

Friendly bump!

(Priestess Marie Laveau) #77

“We have a mature player base”

Valkorsia is a great CEO but the “mature players” get shouted down by the immature, Peleus wanna be’s. Consider other options if you like to have some level of input.

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(Valkorsia) #78

Looking for a few more dangerous pilots.

(Valkorsia) #79

Bumpers for the week.

(D43dun) #80

“Dayum, that’s bump dedication!” Bump

(Star Lord V) #81

I want to pvp

(Valkorsia) #82

Bumpo, we’re going to 500.