TEST server - SINGULARITY not accessible and has status VIP

I know that TEST server access are not important almost for all players, but as usually bad luck comes when you want to test something you cant get there for three days. Since Friday TEST server has status VIP. Is there any official announcement when it closed for all players?

It has to do with the new bookmarks and the new jump animations. They did a mass test and found a bunch of problems.

If you know this info maybe then you can tell when approximately it will start be accessible again?

When they are done? Ultimately the test server isn’t for us to be our personal safe testing server, but to actually test and find bugs for upcoming patches.

Not really agree with you…it must be like for like…we help them to find bugs, they give us free platform for testing our staff! Otherwise they must do all by themselves…

Dareth is right, the test server is for ccp to test stuffs. But they allow us to use it as well.

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