Textbook controversy at Hedion University

News reaches Gutter Press of a controversy at Hedion University, regarding the classification of university textbooks, with groups of students and staff protesting about the issue, threatening to disrupt teaching, and prevent access to the University Library.

The textbook at the centre of the controversy is “Peculiar Diseases of the Minmatar”, the first edition of which was originally written 950 years ago by Hedion University medical researchers.

Several students have requested that the university reclassify the textbook from the “Livestock Management” category to the “Public Healthcare” category, while other students have opposed such a move.

Gutter Press agents visited Hedion University, to get the word on the ground.

“When Empress Jamyl 1, God rest her soul, gave the Emancipation Proclamation, it was clear that the Minmatar could no longer be regarded as mere livestock, like the Ealurians, but instead as 3rd class free citizens, behind the Khanid and Ni-Kunni”, said one student protest leader.
“I’m from Kor-Azor, the most progressive region of the Empire, and the kind of backwardness shown by the people wanting to keep the book in the livestock section of the library really offends me, and other right-thinking people”, said another protesting student.
“Omg, so like, I’m studying healthcare management, since I’m from like, Tash-Murkon Prime ? and like, a healthy citizen is a productive citizen and all that, like what Empress Catiz says ? So like, in the library, if you look at the livestock section, there’s like, always these kind of creepy guys there, and like, one of my sorority sisters said that like, the livestock management students all have like, clammy hands and stuff, and like, they giggle at the naked pictures in the books, which is like, totes immature ?”, said another student.

“As a loyal Kador subject, traditionalism is one of our key values, and reclassifying books based on the whims of liberal scholars and so-called progressives, is an affront to Amarr values, and should be condemned by any loyal Amarr subject”, said a shaven-headed student.
“Minmatar should know their place. And that place is in the barn, along with the cows and Ealurians. Empress Jamyl Sarum didn’t stop the Elder Fleet just so some Minmatars could come along and dictate things to their social betters”, said another counter-protester student.

“None of you lot are in class like you should be. You all get an F. Everyone gets an F. You too. Wait, you’re not a student, who are you ? Press ? You get an F as well !”, said a disgruntled university lecturer.

Controversy !

University officials mostly declined to comment, though one senior Librarian suggested a compromise may be possible, with future editions of the textbook being in the healthcare section.

It seems that the controversy will continue for some time.

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While Gutter Press often makes dubious claims & has some odd outlooks on things, I do like to inject this info before any argument starts off:
In the capsuleer market system, all people are classified under Livestock. Let that sink in.


The minmatar will never be anything better than livestock. Unless they convert ofc.

Surely you can’t be serious.


In the Republic, libraries store the scriptures in either the fiction or fantasy section if they have it that is. Ya that doesnt bother me, nor does this.


So-- I’m curious, Ms. Vess: where do they store the books on traditional Matari beliefs? There are probably some around, right? How about comparative religion? Books on dead religions? Is there no religion/philosophy portion of the “Nonfiction” section?

(If they’re singling out the Amarrian faith for special treatment, that’s understandable but would make me sad anyway. There are kind of a lot of Matari believers in the Amarr faith; it seems like an unnecessary insult to those among their own kin who take those beliefs seriously.)

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This libralsim is killing our empire.

Well for starters, I don’t go to librarys that often. For their own privacy I will not disclose even the planets they are on (I am very rarely planet side so itd be very easy to guess, no Eram II Isn’t one of them). What I can say is just because there are many of the Amarr faith among my kin that does not mean that every backwoods system shows the faith that conquered our people and tried to eradicate everything Matari treat that faith with dignity.

To answer your question, yes, of course there are religious book sections in our libraries that cover those topics, more central systems probably have the scriptures in that section.


So, local political statement.


(I’m also a little curious which bit of the scriptures they had, since having the whole thing would be … kind of an undertaking?)

(If it was the Pax Amarria instead of an actual scriptural bit I’m going to be REALLY sad.)

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As can be seen here, not everybody is as willing to let go of the sword so to speak. Pax Amarria, I believe I saw in the religious section once. Honestly I dont know how big the scriptures should be but what I can tell you is the ones I spoke of certainly werent the size I’d imagine. Probably annoted or something…

In the end, stupid people do stupid things, Amarr wish to consider that book about livestock, why should the scriptures being viewed as fiction be so far fetched? It just shows neither side is less childish when it comes to some things. Human nature.


I’m surprised liberals are even allowed in an imperial university. Federal universities are more for your type.

I imagine it was simply selections from the Scriptures – they have been being written continuously for thousands of years, and include not only that which might typically be thought of as normal for religious texts, but scientific writings as well, and the Book of Records – a record of every citizen of the Empire going back thousands of years.

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Hmm, makes sense. I can imagine the book of records wouldnt be widely published, and separating the scientific parts from the theological would only make sense for ease of use. Admittedly I’m not exactly the type to pick up anything scriptures, so I didn’t go through the book all that much. Kinda wish I did so I would know what the part in question actually was.


I’d suggest all theological texts should be in the folklore, myths and legends section. Religious texts should be in the psychology department.

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This thread reminds me that the Interpretarium, the library of religious texts on Kaztropol is holding their annual cheese and wine soiree this month.


I will be there.

Livestock or Biomass. Arguing about a piece of scientific research 950 years old is exactly what I would expect from the mortal sheep. This is why I test every mortal in my employ for basic levels of focus and results oriented thinking. This problem can not possibly be worth the time taken to post about it.


Hmm…yup its true…I’m out.

It ought be in Epidemology anyway, where the passage of disease and other maladies through massed populations belongs.

At the point of academic study it seems that it’s less important to deal with the Holding of slaves than to help ensure their Holders have proper data on what happens to people with thus-and-such genetics in thus-and-such conditions, no? I mean YES, I know, people will carry on, but.


I asked my father, because he has a lot of cows. Actually they are genetically modified so they don’t even look like cows, but they are still cows.

He said that the reason why Hedion has their library arranged that way, was because people who raised animals were often in the business of raising slave stock as well. The books have more to do with proper breeding practices. It’s a style of farming. He said, it doesn’t mean they are not human, it just means that they are livestock. Literally it means alive, and stock. That’s exactly what slaves are. It doesn’t mean they are equal to cows. That’s stupid. They are humans. But they are still livestock.

Hedion won’t bend to these people, because they know how to use logic.

Also books like that rarely dealt with just health. They gave advice on how to practice good genetics and how much vitoc to inject.