Hedion University to build campus in Khanid Kingdom?

News reaches Gutter Press of an interesting development in the Khanid Kingdom.

King Khanid III has returned, to Hedion University, a library book that was initially issued to King Khanid II, over three centuries ago.

Late !

The volume, an analysis of the arguments of Saint Articus, was borrowed by Garkeh Khanid prior to his coronation as King Khanid II, and the split of the Khanid realm from the Empire proper.

Secession !

The overdue library book could not be returned on time, owing to the Khanid Secession Crisis, which was only fully resolved in recent years, when King Khanid II swore fealty to the Empress Jamyl 1 in YC111, the result of which was the Kingdom rejoining the Empire as a vassal state.

Fealty !

The returning of the book, raises the question of the late fees. While Hedion University normally holds a ten-yearly book amnesty in which overdue books can be returned without incurring fees, there is a precedent set by Emperor Heideran VII, who returned an overdue library book that had been outstanding since shortly after Hedion University was established nearly two thousand years ago. The late fees accumulated on that occasion were paid by Emperor Heideran by transferring ownership of two planets in the Akhwa system, which allowed Hedion University to construct a school station there, which is still the only Hedion campus in Kador region.

School !

Education analysts have claimed that Hedion University may be granted permission to set up a campus in the Kingdom, by King Khanid III, which could significantly boost the recruiting of ethnic Khanid into the capsuleer programme.

Recruitment !

Gutter Press interviewed several citizens in Khitaled about this topic:

“Well, that would be good, wouldn’t it ? Being able to study at home, rather than a slightly foreign place, I mean, the Empire is nice and all, but the Kingdom is home.” said one Khanid socialite.
“This will allow us to punish the Sabik worlds more vigorously. Not one blade of grass left standing. Not one brick placed upon another.” said a retired Khanid Navy Commodore.
“King Khanid II visited my shop once. In disguise he was, but I could tell it was him because he looked exactly like him.” said a flower saleswoman.
“I’m not sure about allowing Imperial institutions to set up here.” said a priest.
“I’m sure the King knows what he’s doing.” said a Khanid cyberknight.

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God I wish this were true! No schooks in Khanis was always a pain.


I found this part particularly amusing.


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