TGFC Recruitment A Small Tight-Knit group of miners

what exactly are we recruiting???

players new and old who are looking for a tight-knit group of players based around Mining and PVP.
new members who are laid back and patient.
anybody looking to get into pvp and or experienced Members.
We are a small corporation, part of Solyaris Chtonium aka Slyce Alliance. An Industrial PVP Alliance.

What do we have to offer ?

we run moon mining ops twice a week. ranging from R32 - R64 moons.
Corp buyback program.
Corp Kill Program.
Alliance daily to weekly fleet ops.
Mining Fleets
Discord and teamspeak voice Comms.
Friendly members with laughs and ■■■■ talk to go around.

if you are interested contact me here, ingame and or on discord .

InGame “Eiska Delmonde”

                                                                 ~ Eiska Delmonde
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