Thanatos/Nyx/Rattlesnake/Tengu - 31.8m SP

(MaTrikS 31) #1

31,821,257 SP
PW: 123

Located in Jita.

Note: Eveboard has not updated yet the 2m SP in gunnery only has been removed. All other skills remain untouched.


  • Near max DPS Thanatos.
  • Fighters V
  • Nyx ready. Minimal training for heavy fighters 4 (T2 Heavy fighters).
  • 5m SP in Missiles
  • 8.3m SP in Drones
  • Excellent Tengu & Rattlesnake Pilot for DEDs.
  • All level 4 scanning skills to support Tengu exploration.
  • Solid Core/Shield skills.

Two bonus remaps available and remap available now.

22b Bid start. Make me a buyout offer.

All CCP Rules apply.

(Maizie Fields) #2


(Moby Johnson) #3

25B Isk

(Moby Johnson) #4

I got the isk rn if you wanna work something out.

(MaTrikS 31) #5

Thanks for the bids, honestly looking for a bit more considering what other lesser carrier chars have gone for recently. If the extra SP Tengu/Rattler is understandably not being valued then i can tear that out and relist as pure carrier focused.

(Moby Johnson) #6

I’ll go to 28B

(MaTrikS 31) #7

30b is my min to let it go to be honest. It still makes me less than stripping non capital SP and reselling as focused carrier, but it saves me the hassle.

(Moby Johnson) #8


(MaTrikS 31) #9

Would normally meet you in the middle, its the correct thing to do after all. That said I cannot justify it this time as I’m already taking a hit.

(Moby Johnson) #10

You online right now?

(MaTrikS 31) #11

Can be in 1-2 hours.

(Moby Johnson) #12

Well just let me know then

(Moby Johnson) #13

I’m ready m8

(MaTrikS 31) #14

In game offer accepted. Waiting for isk/account name to begin transfer.

(MaTrikS 31) #15

Transfer has started.

"You have chosen to transfer the character MaTrikS 31 to the account named “(removed)”.

We are currently processing this transfer. The character you are transferring will remain on your account, but will not be playable until the transfer automatically completes."