Thank you CCP

tq for all these free skill points, I like it very much. It allows newer player to catch up faster with the older ones to participate pvp.

200k SP is nice 4 days sped up training, I like that. The ammo crates, skin, standing booster and SP absolute injector are great freebies as well, most important thing it is tradeable. I have played many MMO’s before like MapleStory, Cabal, Blade and Soul and Archeage, rarely gifts given to players are tradeable. I like tradeable gifts very muchie. Thank you CCP.

Keep up the good work. @CCP_Falcon

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How so?

Train some basic skills without having to wait. I do feel a lot of players that were skilling up very important skills, like Engineering ones, were grateful for that boost !

And I must admit it even helped more “advanced” players, managed to finish the train for T2 large energy turrets on my alt !

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That’s the but I’m skeptical about. It’s a common misconception that extra skill points helps new players catch up.

Editing my quote to make it more clear.

Don’t forget Alpha injectors exists too.

Remember when learning was a skill itself?

Yes, a big definite thanks to CCP. The Christmas presents this year were all items that had some use in-game other than being collector items sitting in assets.

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Very awesome indeed CCP…not as awesome as getting a Triglavian Destroyer with skill books and ammo from an alliance member…thats awesome.

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