The ability to view a high-quality ship skin with low graphics settings


At the moment, I’m playing on low graphics settings in order for the game performance to be good. But I really like to look at the skin of my ship. Unfortunately, it looks very ugly at low resolution and to enjoy the view, I usually switch to high quality when I’m in the dock.
Mainly in many activities (if we are not talking about pvp), I like to zoom in at my ship and it would be very nice to see my ship in high resolution, its animations, etc to increase enjoying of the process


I would really like to be able to look at the skin/model/animations of my ship in high resolution with low graphics settings.
If it is possible to do this, then in the settings it may look like a separate checkbox “see your ship/skin in high resolution” or something like that


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The use of shaders become problematic because they have become a big part of EVE online. In fact if you set them to low the game looks ugly and the neocom also seems to break. But if you turn them on the performance requirements go through the roof.

It should be possible to design the game so it looks nice without shaders.

But, turning up texture resolution works wonders and it probably has the least impact on performance so that can help a little maybe.


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