The Bastard Cartel [Null sec PvP] - Looking For Bodies

The Bastard Cartel is a small but growing alliance residing in Tenerifis, focusing on PVP and Winning. Fleets range from small gang asshatery up to large scale strategic fights. From solo frigates to capital engagements, Anything is possible when your in The Bastard Cartel.

What we offer:
• USTZ/EUTZ/OceanicTZ presence
• Consistent fleets of various size (frig – battleship)
• BLOPS (whenever it tickles our fancy)
• Small and large gang roams
• Occasional WH diving
• Strat Ops
• Dropping Dreadbombs
• Alliance Logistics
• Capital Production
• Jump Freighter Services
• Dankish Memes

What we’re looking for:
• Active Corporations
• Corporations willing to work towards a common goal
• Pilots who fit into our culture of aforementioned asshatery
• Strong Independent Corporations who don’t need a cattle prod or training wheels

What you need to have:
• API for Forum and TS3 access (charactor sheet & killboard)
• Active Pilots
• Balls of steel
• The ability to fly into danger

Our Killboard, for those of you who are interested:

Our Youtube, If you Interested in some propaganda:

For further information, please contact one of our Sexy Cute as hell alliance leaders:

MrChuckNorris, Ikta Shoridon,
Join our The Bastard Bunker in game channel

“What does goosenecking mean?” - Chuck 2017


Daily bump. Still looking for crazy people to put into ships and order them to fly into danger

Up daily bump

daily bump

COME CHECK US OUT BOIS! TBC is and always will be kickin ass and having way more fun then anyone else.

TBC has made some MAJOR shifts in null sec and we are looking for YOU to join! Stop by our pub channel “The Bastard Bunker” for more information!

We want your CORP to join the fight! Don’t join the power. FIGHT the power, or die trying!

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