The Black Crow Bandits


Ladies and gentleman

Thank you for the donations of carbon, please keep sending 1 piece of carbon to Rush Crosix from random citadels, we’re making progress here people!!

In deep, humble gratitude

BCROW Leadership

Huge amount of thank you’s to anyone who keeps the carbon train running


keeep it going guys!

Carbon train is still at full speed!

Feel free to check our post out if you’re interested in null-sec



the carbon keeps coming

make the carbon train running :smiley:

B-B-BUMP! C’mon out to nullsec, y’all. Git you some WAR!

needs more carbon.png


Bump because in the time I had with these guys (my first and only null corp) it has been the best ever time in my days playing the game so far. Everyone is very friendly and do not force opinions or activities on you. In all honesty, there is nothing bad to say from the experience apart from the fact that I had never been to null before; but the people were quick to teach me everything I needed to know . Would recommend very much.

Carbono bumpo

Did someone say…BUMP!!!