The Black Fang Syndicate - B0SS Alliance - Recruiting! Fly With Us!

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The Black Fang Syndicate is recruiting pilots who are mature, self-reliant, and who are looking for the environment of a small, null-sec corporation - No experience necessary.

In March of 2021, The Black Fang Syndicate was formed. By May of that same year, BFS was a fighting force in EVE. This was the result of the hard work and dedication of our leadership team, as well as the effort put forth by all members at the time.

BFS, in cooperation with our alliance, are committed to providing a fun and mature experience to all of our members. As a growing corporation, we are seeking a wide variety of pilots. We need industrial pilots to form the foundation of the corp, and we need PvP pilots to provide security and perform various ops in our territory.

Our Corporation offers:
• Discord and Alliance comms
• Various mining and gas huffing ops
• Guristas Burner Missions
• Small Gang PvP along with larger alliance fleets
• Blops
• Exciting experience in one of the richest NPC Null-sec areas in New Eden
• Skilled and experienced leaders
• USTZ Presence

With our current holdings and operations, along with alliance held structures, there is a huge opportunity for those wanting to work with a growing industrial wing and take part in PvP ops as well. We are currently accepting new pilots, regardless of experience, as well as older pilots and returning pilots. We will work with everyone to ensure our pilots are trained to be the best.

Ideal BFS Pilots:
• Are active and participate in corporation activities
• Use voice comms
• Interact with other members in a fun and productive manner
• Have an interest in both industry and PvP

If this sounds enticing to you, feel free to hop in our Discord server and check out our websites. Our leadership team is standing by to answer any questions you may have.


BFS is still recruiting! We are accepting of a wide range of skill levels. Hop in our discord and talk with us!

We are ready to help train new pilots! Want to learn to make isk and PvP? Hop in our discord and reach out!

Recruitment is still going! Hop in our discord and chat with us!

New? Returning? Want a new experience? Join BFS!

Great group of guys to fly with!

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Want to get in on some of these kills? Hop in discord and talk to us!

Looking for a group of people to fly with? Come hop in our discord and say hi!

Great USTZ fight last night. Even with the TiDi

BFS is still recruiting! We are seeking pilots of any skill level (omega preferable).

New to EVE? Hop in our discord. We are happy to train newbros!