The Black Fang Syndicate - B0SS Alliance - Recruiting! Fly With Us!

BFS is looking for PvP focused pilots to join us in Lonetrek and Venal. Hop in discord and let’s chat!

Come fly with us! Always something to do,

We are still looking for like-minded pilots to join our corp! Don’t just be a number! There are always people to talk to and fly with in BFS.

Come join BFS and get on some of these kills!

BFS is still recruiting active pilots. Small corp, big gains!

Looking for pilots interested in pvp content, including small gang, blops, bombing runs, gate camps, and more! Join our discord!

BFS is still recruiting!

BFS is growing! Come join, and fly with us!

BFS has more people interested in flying with us every day! Hop in discord and chat with us!

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BFS is still recruiting!